Cycle Rickshaw Notifications

Chandigarh Administration Finance Department

No.6/1/165-FII(8)-2019/11072 (dated 12.07.2019)

The following bye-laws framed by the Chief Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh, exercising the powers conferred by Section 399 of the Punjab Municipal Corporation Act, 1976 as extended to the Union Territory, Chandigarh by the Punjab Municipal Corporation Law (Extension to Chandigarh) Act, 1994 read with Section 7-A of the Capital of Punjab(Development & Regulation) Act, 1952 with the previous approval of the Administrator, Union Territory, Chandigarh are hereby published as required by Section 401 of the said Act of 1976, for general information :-

  • These bye-laws may be called “ The Chandigarh Cycle Rickshaws (Regulation & Control) (Amendment) Bye-laws, 2005”.
  • They shall come into force with immediate effect.
  • In the Chandigarh Cycle Rickshaws (Regulation & Control) Bye-rules, 1960(hereinafter called the said bye-laws), after clause (2) of the bye-law 28, the following shall be substituted:-

“The Chief Administrator or officers authorized by him, may in the interest of smoother flow of traffic and better management thereof, impose necessary restrictions on the plying of rickshaws on V-2, V-3 & V-4 roads and make the use of the cycle track compulsory for rickshaw pullers”. S.K. Sandhu,IAS
Finance Secretary,
Chandigarh Administration

Cycle Rickshaws Rehri Notification