Suspension of Driving License

Driving License Suspension

Suspension of Driving Licence on the direction of Supreme Court Committee on Road Safety

The Supreme Court Committee on Road safety issued direction to suspend driving licence for a period of not less than three months under Section-19 of the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988 read with Rule 21 of the Central Motor Vehicles Rules, 1989 for: -

  • Driving at a speed exceeding the specified limit which in the Committee’s view would also include red light jumping. (Over Speeding & Red Light Jump)
  • Carrying overload in goods carriage and carrying persons in goods carriages.
  • Driving vehicles under the influence of drink and drugs. (Drunken Driving)
  • Using mobile phone while driving a vehicle.

As per the new amendment in Section 206 (4) of Motor Vehicle Act-2019, the Driving License shall be suspended for the following traffic violations

  • Driver/pillion rider-without helmet.
  • Triple Riding.
  • Blowing pressure/multi-toned horn.
  • Without prescribed reflex reflectors.
  • Using defective vehicle dangerous for other- head light, tail light, etc.