Online Payment of Traffic Challan

Online Payment of Postal Challan (TVIS)

In order to effectively enforce traffic rules, Chandigarh Traffic Police uses the following modes of issuing challans:

  • Spot challans by Challaning Officers of the rank of HC and above, and
  • Postal Challans also referred to as Traffic Violation Information Slip (TVIS) under Section 133 MV Act, 1988 on the basis of photographic/video-graphic evidence obtained from CCTV cameras, video recording and inputs sent through social media by concerned citizens acting as Traffic Sentinels.

Instructions for Online Payment of Postal Challan (TVIS)

  1. 1. Online payment facility provided for the traffic offences issued through postal challan only. Click here to view list of offences for which online payment of challan is accepted..
  2. 2. As per law, cognizance of non-compoundable offences can be taken only by the court. Online payment is, thus, not available for such offences. Click here to view list non-compoundable offences in which fine shall be paid in court.
  3. 3. Further, offences on the commission of which driving license is required to be seized for suspension also cannot be disposed of through online payment. Click here to read more….
  4. 4. A valid driving licence is needed for online payment of postal challan.
  5. 5. Payment is accepted through all digital modes.

The Chandigarh Administration vide its notification no 2/3/57-HIII(7)-2019/19674 dated 6th December, 2019, has revised compounding fee of compoundable offences under Section 200 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988. click here to view compounding fees for offences fixed by the Chandigarh Administration under section 200 of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

Don’t worry if you have received an incorrect postal challan

Though we take due precautions to see that only genuine violators of traffic rules are punished, however, there could be instances of postal challans being inadvertently issued to incorrect addressees on account of:-

  • incorrect registration number due to poor quality of image.
  • zeroing on an incorrect person by oversight.
  • someone illegally using your registration number on his/her vehicle.
  • the person to whom you had sold the vehicle may not have got it officially transferred in his/her name.
  • errors in the vehicle ownership database.
  • Incorrect reporting of date, time or location of traffic violation.
In case of the above, please contact Challaning Branch, Traffic Lines, Sector 29, Chandigarh
Email: pdsptrf-chd [at] nic [dot] in
Phone No.:- 0172-2921049, 1073, 9466902637, 9877144686

Traffic Postal Challan Payment Manual

For information related to the payment for traffic challans issued by Chandigarh Traffic Police, please refer to the following manual:CTP challan payment user manual

Proceed to Online Payment of Postal Challan

If you are ready to pay your outstanding postal challans online, click on the link below to proceed to the payment gateway.

Online Payment Gateway