Chandigarh Traffic Police

From the Desk of Senior Suprintendent of Police, Security & Traffic, U.T Chandigarh

Manisha Choudhary, IPS,
Senior Suprintendent of Police,
Security & Traffic, U.T Chandigarh

Traffic management has emerged as one of the most challenging tasks of urban policing. Among various cities in the country, the Union Territory of Chandigarh offers its own unique traffic related challenges such as limited road space, huge volume of traffic, absence of grade separators, limited earmarked parking spaces, etc. Mushrooming of the satellite towns of Panchkula and Mohali have further added to the traffic woes in the ‘City Beautiful’, making traffic management a herculean task. Balancing the twin principles of convenience and safety on the roads requires a high degree of expertise, dedication and motivation on part of the traffic police personnel. In order to provide a safe and secure environment on the city’s roads, the Chandigarh Traffic Police has adopted a four pronged strategy,the 4Es i.e., Education, Enforcement, Engineering interventions and Emergency care training. This strategy has borne fruit and road crash rate in Chandigarh is far lower than the national average. With increasingly scientific knowledge applied to traffic management and crash analysis, it is concluded that crashes are preventable to a greater extent by resorting to safety intervention strategies to minimize the adverse impact of the above mentioned factors leading to such crashes.

I hope the launch of this website will further sensitize the residents of Chandigarh to various road safety issues and help the Chandigarh Traffic Police in reducing the number of fatalities on the roads of the ‘City Beautiful’ even further.

While penning my message for the website, I wish to thank Sh. Jaswinder Singh, DSP/Traffic (R&D), Sh. Anurag Byala, CEO of Techies Infotech and his team members, Team of NIC, Chandigarh, HC Sunil Mehta, Ct. Inderjit Singh, Traffic Marshal Dr. Mrs. Santosh Gupta, Sh. Rohit Kaundal (Cyber Expert) and Sh.Harman Singh Sidhu President, ArriveSafe who have stood by me in developing the website.