Towed Vehicle Search App

About the app

To mitigate inconvenience caused to the general public in cases of towing of wrongly parked vehicles, Towed Vehicle Search App was launched by Sh. V. P. Singh Badnore, the Hon’ble Governor of Punjab and Administrator, U.T. Chandigarh at Post Graduate Govt. College for Girls, Sector 42, Chandigarh on 24.4.2018 during the 29thNational Road Safety Week-2018. The App was developed by Infosys, free of cost, as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). This App will capture the details of the towed vehicle along with Challan ID and will help the citizens to find out whether their vehicle has been towed away. This App also explains the process for releasing the towed vehicle along with the list of documents required, the amount of fine &the towing charge.

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